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What is Get Out ?

It's a small Labyrinth like Game in the Early stages of Development. It takes place in a forest in which you wake up in a tent without knowing why you're there. When you first enter the Labyrinth, you'll notice there are coins that needed to be collected. So you need to pick them up and get through that Labyrinth in order to Get Out. As the Game title Describes.

/ Note that this Game is in the Early Stages of Alpha Development.


Keyboard and Mouse :
W, A, S, D-  To Move
Shift-  To Run
Mouse-  To Look Around
/ Controller support may be coming soon.

Recommended Specs

If you're not running this Game on a Potato, you should be ready to go!            Get Out has a Settings Menu in which you can set different Quality Settings that fit to your Computer Specifications.  You can set them to the following Presets:

  • Ultra
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

As well as customizing  separate Quality Settings yourself. 

Current Status and Future

Get Out is in the very Early beginnings of Alpha Development. I'm constantly working on the Game and bringing new Ideas to Reality. If you got any Suggestions or Questions you can gladly  write to me or others in the Community Sections at the bottom of the Page. I'll read and answer the Post with joy as soon as I notice them. I'm going to use the Devlog as well and write News and Updates to it.  Ah and don't worry, Get Out is going to be prettier.

Look at how the Game changed with the new Update in the DevLog.

Support Me

If you want to Support me and help the Game grow, you can set an amount of money you want to donate when you click on Download. Any Amount is helpful and I'm very thankful for it! And eventually, you'll be mentioned in the Game at a later time!


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by NiclzzK · 1 post
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